Venezuelan Workers Solidarity

We are a group of Venezuelan socialists residing in the United States, bound by unconditional solidarity towards the working people of our country. In this website you will find our statements and texts, event information and archives, and links to our allied organizations.

Our goal is to encourage solidarity towards the Venezuelan working class among the Left in the USA by promoting informed debate about Venezuela, and to dispel state propaganda of both the Venezuelan and the US governments by amplifying voices from below.

Latest Posts

DSA: Solidarity with the Venezuelan people or with the regime?

Open letter to the Democratic Socialists of America (US) from Venezuelan Workers’ Solidarity DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC) and International Committee (IC) recently announced that they will send a delegation to participate in an official event in Venezuela. On May 16 they launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the travel of an eight-person delegation that…

We Stand in Solidarity with the Democratic Struggle in Myanmar

Photograph by the New York Times In response to the February 1st military coup, a powerful revolutionary uprising of the youth, the working class and the peasantry has unfolded in Myanmar-Burma. The army has lost control of much of the country. It does not have it in the rural areas where the villages long-oppressed by…

Nos Solidarizamos con la Lucha Democrática en Myanmar-Birmania

Fotografía del New York Times En respuesta al golpe de Estado del 1ero de febrero, se ha desarrollado en Myanmar-Birmania un poderoso levantamiento revolucionario de la juventud, la clase trabajadora y el campesinado. El ejército ha perdido el control de gran parte del país. No lo tiene en las zonas rurales en las que los…

Statement on US-Venezuela relations

From VWS, we demand that the Biden administration lift any and all economic sanctions on Venezuela immediately and renounce all interventionist aspirations. Simultaneously, we believe that it is essential for the Left in the United States to offer true solidarity to the Venezuelan working class.


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